Thursday, November 29, 2012

Make Him Room

I can now sleep. And shower. And do the dishes in my sink. Because this is finally done!
Like the cover? Feisty helped me format it with her mad skillz. Mostly I think to get me to stop texting her.

Make Him Room is a series of daily devotions running from December 1-25. Generally they pair the Old Testament prophecies with related New Testament passages. Each day has a bite-sized reflection and some discussion questions.

I've been dreaming of this project for years and kept forgetting until November of every year, when I would declare it too late. This year, I went crazy and the result is this baby. I'm super excited about it, proud that I did the insane job of formatting myself, and interested to see how self-publishing through Kindle goes.

The book is $2.99 and you can find it HERE. Go check it out, write a review (whether glowing or scathing), and tell your friends!  If you aren't into e-readers, you can also download the Kindle software for free on your computer or your cell phone. If you'd like a hard copy, snag one on Amazon and then send me an email with your confirmation receipt and I can give you a PDF copy that you can print. (Because of my contract with Amazon, I can't sell the PDFs, but this way you are getting two copies for $2.99!)

I'll have a separate post maybe tomorrow about the whole process of writing and also a bit on self-publishing and my thoughts on that.

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  1. I'm so glad to see you get published! This fits everything I know about you, without actually having read the book.


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