Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Few Plugs for Things I Love (or Lug)

(A note for Arrested Development fans--I cannot help but think of Tobias and his struggle with Graft v Host in season three when I talk about plugs.)

Today I am doing a totally non-sponsored, just-because-I-love-these-things post. It starts with my friend Marianne Tolosa.  She and I met in college and were more friends of friends, I think, though I have no idea how we weren't besties. She's super cool. Maybe it was that I wasn't cool enough...hm. In any case, Marianne is an artist and sells fantastic pottery through her company, The Minty Peach. Being a barista for years, she has a special love for all things caffeinated, and makes really lovely coffee mugs. She has a similar love for Japan and her sake sets are gorgeous. But don't take my word for it.

I know, right?  I'm totally jealous of her throwing skills. I took a year of ceramics and made two lopsided coffee mugs on the wheel. She does custom orders and has lots of other lovely pieces up for sale in her Etsy shop.

Marianne did something really nice for me recently: she sent me a book. It's not often you get presents in the mail for no reason, and even less frequent that it's something you really like. See, Marianne knew that I would connect with her friend Cindy Kane, writer and mom over at Bad Mommy Moments.

Cindy is hilarious and fun and writes about those moments that make me ache with remembrance, both good and sad. Reading her book I remember some of those really tough moments especially early on with a new baby and how I almost died (exaggeration). Cindy Kane almost died too (exaggeration) but instead wrote hilarious vignettes about life as a mom. Especially those hard moments.

Seriously--some days that's just how it is. Doesn't mean you aren't thankful, and I appreciate that about Cindy Kane. She doesn't fall into the trap of just whining and complaining, or using humor as some kind of protective shield. I feel like some moms who do that make the whole motherhood realm seem like one big colossal joke played on mom. You thought you'd love this? HA.

Kane has the confidence of self-deprecation to write about the time she was trying to pump milk during a party in an upstairs room while the very loud baby monitor was transmitting the process down to the guests.  But she doesn't make life seem bleak or motherhood a curse. Tough moments are a contrast that allow us to realize the joys.

Good, good stuff.  You can read more at Bad Mommy Moments and pick up your own book, in case you don't have a Marianne to send you one. Best case scenario: buy a mug from The Minty Peach, order Bad Mommy Moments, and then you can drink your coffee from a custom mug while reading lovely and hysterical stories that make you feel better about your life.



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