Monday, December 3, 2012

A Fun Weekend in Numbers

My weekend of offering Make Him Room for free is over, and it was so much fun! I had some great promotions on a few different sites like Money Saving Mom, Couponing 101, and Mom on the Range.  Plus a random non-book-related link from Young House Love.  Sweet!  Plus I had friends and family sharing the link like crazy on Facebook and Twitter.

Dood! That's Marc Martel of the band Downhere (which just finished their last tour) and singer for the Queen Experience over the summer. You can see some of his pipes HERE.

It's a little hard to see the complete picture of the numbers because I listed the book two days before the end of November, so the way it's broken up makes it hard for me to tell exactly yet. But I know the book sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 7,000 copies over the weekend. What!  Now when I say "sold," realize that they sold as free books.  The reason for doing free books is that it is possible to really get your book moving and get the word out and gain visibility on Amazon.  My top numbers were as follows:  #1 on the free Christmas List and #41 on the Top Free Everything list.

I only snagged the #42 photo, and this was one of the only ones where I could take a shot of another book around it. Mostly, I was sandwiched between book covers with shirtless firemen and couples in some kind of passionate embrace.  A good place for advent, right?

I'm really thankful for all the Tweets, Facebook links, emails, blog posts and word of mouth shares that you guys have done--it's really amazing to think about my book in that many people's hands.  I had no expectation of that at all!

Though I'm back to reality at number 71,455 on the Amazon paid list, I hope that the word will still spread. $2.99 is a tiny price--and I'm a bargain shopper. I would buy about anything for that. Though the devotions started on December 1, they run through Christmas so it's not too late.  Hopefully my next book will be out right around then as well.

In case you're wondering how self-publishing through Amazon works, I'll be posting with some thoughts on that and suggestions later in the week. Until then, I hope you are having a fabulous Monday and thanks again to all of you who have helped support my book!  You can find Make Him Room HERE.  If you'd like a hard copy, I can provide you with the PDF after you send me the confirmation from Amazon that you snagged their copy.

Ps- If you're a blogger and want to do a post or giveaway, contact me directly and I'd be happy to talk with you about it!  kirstenoliphant at gmail dot com

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