Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Crack Addict

You cannot eat just one piece.  Even if you know what's in it.

Christmas Crack (known probably as just crack to most) is a combo of either matzoh (best choice), graham crackers (so-so), or saltine crackers (eh) doused in equal parts butter and brown sugar, then smeared with melted chocolate.

In other words, it's healthy.

I got my recipe from Making Life Delicious, though originally I made it with the Russells, a family near and dear to my heart that I lived with briefly before Rob and I got married. In December their kitchen became a candy-making factory, and they made a version of crack (called something else) without the chocolate. It was very much like homemade toffee--delicious. The chocolate puts it over the edge into that category of food you might eat until you literally burst.

I made this last night, so it didn't quite harden enough to go to school with my kids for their teachers, but I still have more family baking to do, so those lucky people related to me will get a taste of this.

(If I don't eat it all first.)

This is a great and simple recipe for those of you that love homemade gifts for Christmas. With four ingredients (five if you use nuts), it can't be beat. I will say that for cooks like me who hate measuring, you can really screw this up. It MUST boil for two minutes exactly and MUST stay in the oven for the right amount of time. I tried to wing this once and ended up with a grainy, mushy buttery (delicious) mess.

Have any favorite recipes for Christmas gifting?



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