Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cinnamon Rolls Make the World Go Round

Oh, yeah!  I have a blog.

We've had family in town for the past few days and have been doing probably what you've been doing: celebrating, shopping, having holiday-infused fights with people, and oh yeah, eating. The EATING.

What I did NOT do: take a really cute photo of our whole family. I even brought my tripod, newly purchased from Ross. Then I went into a sugar coma after eating the Special Occasion Cinnamon Rolls I make every Christmas.  (You can find the recipe HERE. But double the filling and you'll like them more.)

Oh, you wanted some photos of said cinnamon rolls?

 See?  Coma inducing.

 One thing Rob taught the kids that stuck today: "Show me how the piggies eat."

On the way home from celebrating with my parents, Rob said: "Let's only have those once a year."

To which I replied: "We do.  Every Christmas." I think by then the sugar coma might have worn off.



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