Thursday, December 13, 2012

Comment Luv

One of the big changes I made today is that I added a fully-featured comment section, via Comment Luv. This is generally a Wordpress plugin, and since I prefer Blogger, there are a few kinks. The main kink? All the old comments are invisible. Doh!  So if you made comments last week, you can't see them anymore.

The tradeoff? With Comment Luv, you can now link in your latest website post if you have a blog and you can also get an email if I respond to your comment. I like this a lot because generally, I like to respond to comments. But most people probably don't check back to see if I did. So now you will be notified of the response. Yay! There is also the option to give a thumbs up to a comment you like, which is fun. I hope this builds the community a bit more and makes things more LIKE a community via the comments.

Again--still working out the kinks. Right now on the main page, it seems that unless you click through to the main post, the comment part isn't visible. Hm. I will be making sure this works and trying to get the old comments back this week. As well as fixing my banner so that it goes with the new digs and uploading some new fonts.  Thanks for bearing with me during this mess!  Again, I'm most just glad I haven't accidentally deleted the blog yet!

Let me know if you're having any issues with the new commenting or formatting or if there is something I still need to straighten out.



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