Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ho Ho Holiday Shopping

Still have any gifts that you need for Christmas or yourself? I think I'm asking for paint this year. Like, for the walls. Rob looked at me like I'm nuts and I think thought I was kidding. Somehow I've got to go back and convince him that I really do actually want wall paint. Unless you can think of any other brilliant ideas for me...  If you are in the pampering mood, though,  I've got some great ideas and great deals for you via Blogher.

DDF Revolve 400x Micro-Polishing System
Microdermabrasion is a lovely experience. I first tried an at-home kit and then once got a deal on a professional spa treatment. My skin never looked or felt so good! While it was nice and spa-like to have someone else doing my face while I got to fall asleep relax on a nice comfy massage-type table, I didn't see enough difference between the paid spa microdermabrasion. And my home kit was a pretty basic, cheap version.  Imagine using something designed for home use with more professional abilities! On sale, even.

I still use an at-home kit every now and again, but nothing as great as this system. Rather than exfoliating through vibration, it uses a pulsation of energy that polishes your skin and leaves it radiant. Normally $98, use the code DDFMICRODERMA to snag this system for only $45 and free shipping through January 31. Which can use your Christmas money next month.
DDF Skin Product
If microdermabrasion isn't your thing, you can snag 50% off one of DDF's skincare products, whether it's a moisturizing product for nighttime or you have sensitive skin or a specific issue. They have products for hyperpigmentation, acne, and anti-aging. Personally, I'd love to try the DDF Amplifying Elixir which moisturizes and goes deeper to improve the health of the moisture barrier. I'm a sucker for a decent moisturizer.  When the humidity in Houston goes down a bit in the winter, my skin becomes papery and ashy and I find I have to put on moisturizer multiple times a day. Something that does MORE than just moisturize sounds amazing.

Pick any product and you can receive 50% off and free shipping through January 31 with the code 2013DDFSKIN.

Hope you can take advantage of these fabulous savings for you or a friend this holiday season or beyond!



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