Friday, December 14, 2012

Metallic Salt Dough Ornaments

What says Christmas more than metallic ornaments on the tree?  Probably a lot of things. But inspired by the shiny hubcap on my front door, I sort of threw out the traditional Christmas colors and opted for some modern, shiny pink, red, turquoise, and silver this year. (I didn't literally throw anything away. I'm sure I still have my normal a box that I can't seem to will myself to unpack.) Rather than go buy a bunch of things, I tried making salt dough ornaments with the boys and then choosing colors to paint them that went with this theme. The boys had a blast, we made a huge mess, and now we have some consistent colors on the tree!  Win (lose) WIN!

 Salt Dough 

2 cups flour
1 cup salt
1ish cups water

Mix the flour and salt together and then slowly add the water until you get a nice, dough-y consistency. I think the original recipe called for 3/4 cup water, but I ended up adding more like a cup. Knead on a floured surface as you would bread and roll it out.  I rolled mine to about 1/4 an inch. The thinner the better for drying and a hardening.  Bake at 200 for 20-40 minutes, turning once. Sorry there is such a huge amount in the time--the recipe I used said 20 minutes and mine were totally not ready, so I kept popping them back in. When you feel like they are as hard as you want (without burning) you can let them air dry for another day or so just to make sure they don't get all funky or warp.

The boys had a great time cutting out shapes, but sadly I could only find these tiny cookie cutters, so our ornaments are small.  They didn't seem to mind, but it was a lot more work when we got to painting.  I also cut out one circle for each boy and we did handprints. I wrote the date using a toothpick. Use a straw to get a perfect hole at the top for hanging.

I had some leftover silver spray paint from derby stuff, so I sprayed a lot of them silver. For the rest, I bought metallic blue and what I thought was metallic red but turned out to be pink. Don't ask how I got that confused. I still love how they turned out!

Why you should choose spray paint over craft paint:

I love how they look, but wish we had the bigger cookie cutters. They get a little lost on the tree. Maybe next year?

Have any fun Christmas crafts you've tried at home with or without kids? Leave a link or note in the comments!



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