Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Things Around the House

Sunday is a lovely lazyday. (Even if it's not my favorite day of the week.) Here are a few things have been happening around our house this week for you to enjoy in a chill Sunday way.

When Boys Decorate the Christmas Tree
In case you can't see it, that's a Transformer that one of the boys stuck in our tree. I found several of them among the branches and salt dough ornaments we made. Oh, boys.

When I Make Dinner Sometimes putting soup on low and heading to the gym was not a great idea. In my defense, Rob was home when I left and I assumed he might stop any of the burning. I did not, however, communicate this expectation to him and he went shopping. I came home to find this and was forced to rethink dinner. Doh. Generally I'm burning myself, not my food.

When I Don't Sleep
I write books. This one was actually 90% complete before I even began writing Make Him Room, but it made more sense to shelve There Is No Small Call for a few weeks. Now I am in the final stages of editing (with some help from lovely people) and will release this one just after Christmas. A PDF of the Bible study version should be available in January. What!  I'm also really proud because I designed both covers. Feisty helped me remember the ropes of Photoshop (which has changed a lot since I was in grad school) but this second one I did totally on my own. I feel productive.

And, since I'm growing a baby, reproductive. Have a lovely Sunday!



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