Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Talk about Awkward Photos

I got this email today and had to post. (Again, not a sponsored post, just something I love.) I took a workshop with Danny Clark Photography earlier this year and loved it. I still haven't mastered the settings on my camera, though I'm getting better. The class broke things down in a way that I could understand and gave out CDs with info to help...which can only help if I find my CD.

I'm on their mailing list and had to post about this event for Thursday and Friday December 20th and 21st.  I may have to do this, and I think you might too when you see the photo.

That, y'all, is for serious.

The best part? The $20 is a minimum donation going to the Sandy Hook Family Fund. This is first come, first serve Thursday and Friday noon to seven.  Check out Danny Clark Photography for more information or to call with questions.  I'm so all over this, and you know I'll share with you. :)



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