Friday, December 7, 2012

Trash to...?

***UPDATE! I found something I really liked to cover up the Toyota symbol in the middle. I mean, we drive a Toyota and all, but I didn't think they needed free advertising on my front door.***

I'm not quite sure that this qualifies as a treasure, but I definitely took someone's lost hubcap and made a Christmas wreath for our door. Not quite finished (needs more balls!) but for now it's hanging as my lone Christmas decoration on the house.

First off, a few things. I did not steal the hubcap. I used to collect hubcaps by the side of the road in high school. It was kind of a rite of passage or the cost of gas if someone rode in my car. I gave rides to loads of underclassmen my senior year and I think that they enjoyed leaping out of the car to snag a stray hubcap as much as I enjoyed making them do it. I think I ended up with 50 or so by the end of the year. I always meant to do something with them, but they ended up getting tossed when I went to college.

I saw this hubcap the other day and thought: Christmas wreath. I tend to be a little more traditional in my home's decor, so this is not at all what I generally like. It doesn't go with the colors I have in my home at all. This is sort of what I envisioned when I saw the hubcap, so this is where I went. Again, though--it needs more. Here's a breakdown of how I made it, though it was so simple, I'm not sure you need me to explain.

 First I found the hubcap. If you are looking, you will see them all the time. Hard part is finding them in places that doesn't require you running across traffic. This one was in a parking lot. I washed it and then sprayed the whole thing silver. It was a subtle change, but hid some of the nicks and things and made the Toyota symbol less noticeable. Sort of.

[Be aware the colors from the next photos inside at night are much different than the first, which was outside in the day.]
I snagged ornaments from the dollar bins at Target in the colors I wanted, though really I should have known to get more.

I placed, then used Gorilla Glue to adhere. I wanted to use some more heavy duty glue, but it had all dried up and I make huge messes with the glue gun. What I did not know about the Gorilla Glue is that it expands, so in some places on the wreath you can see it now. Doh. But it seems to be holding things fast.

Again, this is a total departure for my normal Christmas, but I kind of love it. I will add more to it and maybe something in the middle so I'm not just advertising Toyota. But what a fun way to turn junk into something pretty and useful!

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