Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ultrasound Profiles x3

Today we got to have our (almost) 20 week ultrasound. Rob AND the boys came with me, so it was...an adventure. I wasn't sure how Lincoln and Sawyer would behave, but Rob had a lunch appointment, so he left with them about ten minutes in--just the right amount of time.  I told them they were going to watch TV, but Lincoln was disappointed that he couldn't watch his show and did not seem to connect that the images on the screen were a baby, much less the one in my stomach. He did like sticking his hand on the ultrasound goo and then telling me it was sticky. Oh, Lincoln.

Sawyer climbed up onto the table with me and snuggled with my head. He seemed excited about the baby on the screen and wanted to hear the heart beat and see the feet. I think ultrasounds can be really scary--head on the babies look like skeletal aliens. Thankfully, Sawyer didn't seem bothered. Mostly I had to keep telling him to stop kissing my face so I could see. It was sweet...and smothering after a while.

Everything looked great in the ultrasound. Baby measured at 18weeks, 4 days and I am technically 18 weeks, 6 days. Most things were at about average, other than the belly of the baby, which was a bit larger. Nothing worrisome, but hopefully won't indicate another massive child. (Saw was 8 pounds 9 oz and Linc was 9 pounds 4 oz. Yikes!) No signs of anything weird or off and all organs and parts were in great working order with great cord attachment. Apparently my placenta looks nice, but that may have just been a pick-up line.

I remember thinking that Sawyer's profile looked a little weird and thought he might be deformed in the face. Then he was born and was adorable. So when Lincoln's profile looked different than Sawyer's, I thought HE might be deformed. But he is also adorable. Let's see where #3 fits in with the bunch.

Here we have #3. My parents have nicknamed him/her Bobby Sox. I have no idea why and I don't call him/her that. So I guess I need my own name...
Here is Linc. 
And here is Saw. Man, ultrasounds have gotten better even over the past few years! Or maybe I just went to better technicians...

Linc seemed to have a flatter face than Saw, though Saw's picture now looks so faded.  I don't know about you, but it seems to me that Linc and #3 are like peas in a pod. Or pretty close. I'm basing this on how the forehead slopes into the nose and rest of the face. Time will tell, but that's a pretty stinking cute profile. I'll post more photos this week, but for now let me know what you think--any resemblances?

[If you want to read my thoughts about Linc and baby #2, back when he was being called Olive (a name I TOTALLY forgot), you can click HERE.]

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  1. yay so exciting! im sure this one will be precious just like the boys!


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