Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why I May Not Blog Today

Yesterday was a doozy. Not a terrible doozy. Just, you know, that day where you are trapped on a hamster wheel and you can't find the exit. 

In no particular order, yesterday...

I woke to a flat tire on our car (again).
I iced 46 cookies.
I took the car (again) to get the tire fixed (again) and this time (hopefully) really got it fixed.
I forgot several important cookie-icing ingredients at the store, which meant midnight icing.
I then realized that three stores did not have ingredients I needed and had fun in traffic.
I signed papers to have our foundation fixed TODAY.
I ate a package of marzipan fruit.
I baked a whole lot of baked goods with my mom and dirtied every dish she owns.
I fell asleep on my parents couch at 8pm and drooled on my sleeve.
I baked four dozen sugar cookies.
I suffered a headache all day. 
I wrote a passionate blog post that took three hours and some of my soul, maybe. 
I set a mixer on fire making royal icing. Bonus points!
I ate an entire All-Star Breakfast from Waffle House. For dinner.
I tried the (to me) new-fangled method of lining and filling sugar cookies.
I dirtied up most of my kitchen and left it that way.
I read about Ezekiel and thought about what it means to speak for God today.

With all that in mind, I may nap instead of really blogging today. If that's possible while they are lifting our foundation.  I don't get how that works, so I'll try to take photos when I'm not napping.



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