Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sometimes Your Kid Is Crying Because He Is Actually Bleeding

Today was one of those days.  Actually, so was yesterday. Remember when I said the two weeks with the kids out of school was going swimmingly?  Yeah, I should have knocked on wood while writing that.  It was a little more downhill afterward.

A lot of it was my kids just being difficult and some of it was because I really didn't feel great and have been dead stinking tired.  I've also done a lot of hanging with other people's kids too, and while that is sometimes really helpful and fun for my kids, in these two days it made things harder.  (It wasn't your kids, if you're reading this!  It was mine!)  Rob thankfully gave me the night off after dinner and I went to vegetate on the couch with my Dad, just like when I came home from college. I ate their cheese (Gouda!) and crackers (Triscuits!), and I watched television in my pjs--it was great.

Where does the bleeding come in, you might ask?  Here's where.

This afternoon, I desperately needed a nap. When I need one, I NEED one.  It takes a lot for me to admit this, so it means I am about to die from lack of sleep.  Even Rob's mom, when she saw me this morning was like, "Are you okay? You look really, really tired."  So I told the boys I needed rest, sent Linc to the crib for his nap and Saw to his room for rest time, warning them to let Mommy sleep.

You can guess what happened, right?  That kind of warning only serves as an invitation.  I should know this--I've been parenting four years now.

I got about three fifteen minute naps between Sawyer waking me up for various things like "I need a wipe!" and "I built a really cool tower!" and, finally, "Lincoln woke up!"  Linc slept for an hour, which is at least an hour shorter than his normal nap.  I hoped he might crawl in bed with me and sleep, but he's never been a snuggly sleeper. He needs his space.  He said he wanted to play with Sawyer and Saw was excited to have company.

Ten minutes later, I was awoken again by crying.  I figured I'd let them work it out, but when it didn't stop, I lumbered out of bed with my best grumpy-mom-interrupted-from-nap face, only to find Lincoln's nose gushing blood.

I never figured out what exactly happened, but it had something to do with Sawyer and Lincoln and the wall.   He's fine--really the child has some kind of bloody face incident once a week.  I have never seen so much blood.  His tongue, his lips, his nose.  Whatever fall he takes, he gets up bleeding from the face.

I felt pretty bad.  If you're a parent, I bet you've been there.  The crying sometimes sounds different when they are really hurt, but sometimes not.  This is definitely not the first time I've waited only to find blood.  But that's only because the majority of the time, there is NO issue.  Just tears.

I was glad for the head-clearing time tonight, and I'm headed to bed now, well before midnight.  Let's hope I get there.  Let's hope Rob is agreeable to let me sleep in tomorrow.  Let's hope my kids can be lovely to Mommy tomorrow.

Do you hear me knocking furiously on the wood?  I am.

Either way, I've still had great moments this week with the boys.  Today Sawyer came up to me, put a hand on my shoulder and said, "Mommy, are you feeling better?"  Very sweet.  As I told Rob when I got home, some days are just more challenging than others.  With a little rest and some quiet, I can generally feel recharged for the next day.  And I do--but I'd better get off the computer and hit the sack.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Good Part of Seeing My Kids Every Day

As I've mentioned before, my kids have school through the summer, which means they have two weeks off in the beginning of the summer and two weeks off at the end.  I generally fear these two weeks, wondering what EVER will I do with my children EVERY day?

The truth is, I really enjoyed it this time.

True, I have to basically give up writing altogether, and generally tend to fall behind on anything that's not related to playing or being with my kids.  But otherwise, I've really enjoyed having a full week of days to do things with them.  We set a routine that goes though all the days, not just Monday-Wednesday-Friday. I feel like we did more, even though we didn't do any really BIG things.  We went to the gym, we swam at the gym, we had lunches with Gammy and Turkey and the boys got into the habit of running with Rob in the mornings (read: riding in the stroller while Rob ran).

Except for the loss of my writing and catch-up time on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I've loved the time with them and having every day of the week be the same.  I've enjoyed my boys and these two weeks.  I'll be glad to settle into the new routine starting next week and can't wait to get back to my novel, but definitely have been surprised to love this time.

Full Circle

Tonight I got ambitious (read: crazy) and painted the entire TV room and kitchen's lower half the same color as the front hallway.  (The hallway I finished today before a showing.)  Prepare yourself for lightness.
 Almost forgot before and after shots!  Here is a during.
 And here is a before.  Rob is really happy that I'm doing this, as you can see.  He is also really making this face from Arrested Development.

 And after!  We are lighter. Please ignore the pieces near the trim I have yet to paint.

 Before in the kitchen.
And after!

Honestly, I prefer the befores, especially in the kitchen.  I really love that color.  But it totally makes everything lighter, literally.  I can't explain how much lighter, but it seems like more lights are turned on now--THAT'S how much lighter this makes the rooms.  Now I just need to finish the trim and the second coat before our next showing.

The funny thing?  Here's what the same room looked like before. It doesn't show much of the room, but you can see it's basically the same color.  Also, AW!!  That's baby Sawyer and MUCH younger cousins Bryce, Cole, and Caleb!

To find that photo, I had to look through so many photos on my blog, which brought back memories, like THIS.  So much cuteness!

Now we have come full circle in terms of living room paint colors.  I have painted that room a respectable four times.  Wait--three.  Averaging 1.5 colors/year we have lived here.  Sheesh.  I need to learn to make up my mind.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Viral Monday

I'm too tired to write much and have taken no photos.  So, here you will find a series of videos.

THIS is what my kids are watching.  The version I learned in high school is better, and I'm disturbed by the "That's not Jesus" part, which I don't let my kids listen to or watch.  Except for that once, and now they totally remember that ONE part.

THIS is what Rob showed me today that I think is hysterical. Love it. Love it, love it, LOVE it.

THIS is what I showed in Sunday School this week to the youth in our discussion of calling and Ephesians 2:1-10.  Maybe in a longer post, I'll explain the correlation, as it might not be apparent. :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Random Sunday Night Home Makeover

Though I was really burnt out on home repair for a while, I am really itching for something to do.  The reality is this: I'd rather be doing things to a NEW home.  But since we haven't had any offers, I am turning my energy toward whatever else I could do that might sell my home.

Which means (you guessed it) repainting.  

Our colors are generally neutral throughout and the realtor gave everything the okay, but I think the gray that I chose for our TV room, bottom half of the kitchen and bottom of the entryway is too dark. It also looks olive-y green, not gray.  I like the color a lot, but it's dark.  

And so I'm going to repaint them.  All.  Plus the front room, which had some cracks I patched and then tried to color match the paint.  Fail.  Color matches don't work.  I am convinced of this. I wish they did, but they don't.  So this week I am buying another gallon, maybe two, and going to work with a color I love that I found for some of the other rooms of the house:  Behr's Distant Tan.  I thought for a long time it was Desert Tan, but apparently, it's more distant than the desert.

Now, before you reprove me for doing more work on our house, realize that this project took me 21 minutes, and that's including clean-up plus uploading photos to my computer.  Boo-yah!  (Thanks to you, Liz, for letting me know how to spell that.)

 Per the usual, I started before I thought to take photos.

You can see where I need a second coat (and that it's not dry yet) but get the general idea.  Lighter, brighter, more neutral.  


I think overall, it really lightens up the entryway.  I think it will lighten up the other rooms as well. You can see the gray/green framing this last photo, and it looks much lighter here in the picture than in real life.  Though I know paint colors won't sell a house, it is amazing what a little paint can do.  More photos to follow.  This is my goal for the week!  Since I'm already having to take a break from writing since the boys are out of school, this works perfectly for my schedule.  

Pool Boys

I hate when the light is good, the setting is good, and yet I just get goofy photos.  Then again, I love goofy.  And either way, I love my boys!

 The best of the two of them.
 I like how they both half-blinked at the same time.
 Then I told them to play with water...
Which to Lincoln means...drink it.  :)

Summer Is Beginning...

Summer is a time of year with a lot of things I love:  cicadas, heat, sun, beaches, and long days.  Even though it's sweltering here in Houston, I don't mind because I know that it means I won't be freezing in winter.  There are beaches, pools, trips, and that lazy summer feel.  I think of sprinklers and popsicles and walking from the outside into the cool blast of the air conditioner.

On the flip side, it is also the time when Rob travels for like 3-4 weeks.  Two mission trips, two student retreats, and one staff retreat.  Maybe some other things thrown in there.  It also means everyone else is traveling, which I just realized means I need to be lining up those sitters for roller derby.

Summer has great memories for me.  Lovely sounds and smells and activities.  But also the sort of schedulelessness (yup, I made up that word) that makes me feel a little bonkers.  My kids still have school, which is nice, and they will have summer school two days a week starting June 5 and running through August, plus VBS at our church and some other fun things like swim lessons and maybe even gymnastics lessons if I'm feeling saucy.  Definitely renewing my zoo membership so I can grab the boys and sweat it out for an hour, then leave and not feel guilty at all for such a quick trip.

I'm looking forward to this summer, except for the parts without Rob.  It goes by quickly, and then it will be fall and our boys will be back in school and I'll be wondering what happened to 2012.

Do you have any big summer plans? Are you looking forward to it, or dreading it?  Any good ideas for spending time with toddlers?

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Today I spent some time at the amazing Comicpalooza comic convention in Houston.  I was supposed to skate, but straining my groin in the warmups (like my second lap) meant just taking photos.  Boo!  The good side of that?  Sooo many things to take photos of!
 Storm troopers!
 More Stars Wars.
 Jedi training.  Saw would have loved this, but he missed it!

 Skater Flyon Maiden represents the Star Trek part of the population.

 I don't get this at all.
 What goes well with comics?  Skates!
 Hot Assets from the Valkyries jamming in a blur.  These floors are SO slippery.

 Um...terrifying!  The jaws moved when the guy talked.
 How YOU doin?

 I don't know what this is.
 Motherly comic book love.
 Grrrl Friday jamming for the Knockouts.
 Apparently, Papa Smurf winked at her when she came back to the bench.

 Ring wraith!  Feast on his flesh...

 Linc and Saw showed up for a few minutes and got to meet Spidey and the Hulk.

 Linc didn't really know what he was supposed to do.  Also? He's wearing superhero pajamas.

Spidey wouldn't pose, so we have this awkward shot of Saw with Spidey's rear.  Rob's comment:  "Spidey has, uh, let himself go a little bit."

 We ran into Papa Smurf again on the way out.

This photo is both cute and creepy!

If you ever get a chance to check out Comicpalooza, it's pretty rad!  I got to hear snippets of a Q&A from the man who played Winston in the Ghostbusters movies, and apparently George Takei was there today!  Tomorrow there are more derby games and a ton more events, so head on down to the George R. Brown!  (That rhymed.)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Prayer: The Musical

Today Sawyer started something new.  When we asked if he wanted to pray the blessing after we sang our traditional "Oh the Lord Is Good to Me" song, Sawyer continued the singing theme.  It went something like this.  Imagine melody.

S:  Dear Lord we thank you for this wonDERful DAAAAAAY!  And for fooood and for JEEEEEsus and MOMmy and DADdy!  And for our foooooooooood....A-MENNNNNN!

Would it be sacrilegious somehow to take a video? I think I might have to. It's pretty fabulous.

The Turk

I snapped this cute photo of Saw and Grandpa Turkey last night while they were babysitting.  I'm thankful daily for the fact that both sets of grandparents live within 20 minutes!

Attack of the Nap

After giving up his nap a year ago, Sawyer has napped two days in a row--crashing right in the middle of play time, as you can see by the toys clutched in his hand.  He still has a sweet baby face while sleeping, despite being all big boy when he's awake.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

ER Antics

Surprise! I'm not the one that needed to go to the ER last night, but you'd never know it from this photo.  This is really and truly a photo where I was making a funny face with my eye half shut and half crossed.  Add in a weird filter on one of those photo apps and you get me looking like I'm totally messed up.

There was also some confusions as I had this photo up and posts about the ER last night.  My face is fine, but my teammate Shocker broke her leg at practice.  You'd never know it by her chipper attitude, but Shocker was in a lot of pain and is at the ortho now figuring out what it will take to get her back together again.  I hate derby injuries!

Shank, Blindside, and I made the best of the 6-hour visit last night by cracking jokes and singing and eating from the vending machine that took CREDIT CARDS.  Amazing idea.  Funyuns can definitely take the edge off. So can warming blankets, Bossy chap capes, and Baby Shark. I don't think we helped the healing, but we did help Shocker take her mind off the pain a bit.  Plus we bought her candy named after her.  You've got to make the best of the ER if you're in there.
 Making capes from our last game (which I brought in to use as blankets because it was cold--until we found the warming blankets) into chaps.

Doing the Baby Shark song, specifically the CPR part.  If you know this song, holla!

See? You'd never know that she was in intense pain.  Just like her pro-westler heroes, Shocker is a fighter!  And for the record, those candies are super sour.  That's what inspired my face up top.  Heal up soon, Shocker!

The Week in Pee

I haven't been at the computer much, which is a sure sign that my kids are out of school.  Plus, with more sun outside, they are going to bed later and getting up earlier, so I am often torn between blogging and napping at nap time, since I'm getting less done and sleeping less with their sleep habits and full days at home. I do actually kind of enjoy when they aren't in school (caveat: for brief periods!!) so that I can establish a routine that's every day of the week, not just a few.  We go to the gym, we hang out, we go to playgrounds.  It's nice.  But it definitely means I'm more tired and have less Kiki-time, so often more stressed.

As for potty training, we are making tiny strides.  As in, today Lincoln hasn't peed in the floor.  He also hasn't peed in the toilet.

He IS still using the bathroom, but I think it's like during bath time, or when we are out and about in his diaper.  The reason I say tiny steps at all even with no pee in the toilet is that he is becoming more aware.  He isn't peeing in the floor so much as he did the first day or two, and his diapers are dryer.  Which means when he DOES pee, it's like gallons. I think he is just having a harder time understanding when he needs to pee, and how to relax enough to pee on the toilet.  He's not opposed to it, and happily sits up there. So we will press on, but be a little more lax about it. I'm trying not to feel pressure or put pressure on him, but encourage him to sit and sit often, even if he just tries to go.

Tricks I've tried to get him to go:

-saying "ready, aim, fire!" which really worked with Saw
-running water in the bathroom so he hears the sound of water
-putting his hand in warm water
-pouring warm water over him

Yeah.  Nothing's really working yet. I haven't tried the Cheerios trick people mentioned (boys love having a target, apparently) but with him not really able to fully release pee yet, I think that's getting ahead. Plus we don't have any Cheerios.

We'll get there!  But just like everything else, our boys are different and the ways they do things are also different.  Why am I ever surprised by this?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sawyer On: Dinner

R:  Sawyer, who do we thank for making this dinner?
S:  God!
R:  Well.  Yes. God created the food that made our dinner, but who MADE our dinner?
S:  Jesus!
R: Okay, yes.  But who stood over there in the kitchen and COOKED the dinner that you're eating?
S:  Mommy!

Finally, I get some credit around here. Pretty tough to make a good meal when I'm competing with Jesus.

Learning Parenthood Lessons...from Roller Derby

This weekend we had our third bout.  It's been a tough season for my team and this was our third loss.  Third and most painful, perhaps, because it took us out of contention for first or second place. This will be the first time in (I believe) seven years that our team has not been in the fight for first place.  Ugh!

On a personal note, though, I am really seeing it all come together for me as a skater.  I skated basically almost every other jam, sometimes two to three in a row.  While I had no luck jamming (thanks to that amazing four-wall of Brawl!), I felt comfortable and effective in my blocking, and in communicating and working with my team.  I am still sore from all the hard hits and maybe still need to catch up on some sleep.  But during the game I was reminded of something really important that relates to real life and especially parenting.

During halftime, one of our teammates who wasn't skating gave me some amazing constructive criticism. (Thanks, Chainsaw!)  She said that I looked tired, like I had given up the fight.

To read the full post, come visit my new blog!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Corn! Glorious Corn!

Summer is coming.  And with it:  CORN.

Okay, that's maybe not the first thing on my list, but it's definitely there.  I remember being a kid and eating boiled corn with butter, and using little corn shaped holders that we'd spear into the sides of the cob. (What ever happened to those, Mom??)  In Texas, it's more about roasting and seasoning, which I LOVE.  I always say my favorite thing about Schlitterbahn (which is like the best water park in the country) is the roasted corn. And I'm not even kidding.

Here are some husks being husky from tonight's dinner.  I only bought five ears and should have know to allot for at least two each.  The boys went corn crazy and had kernels dripping from their chins.  Lincoln ate part of the cob itself.  And then:  "More?"

One of my favorite ways to eat corn is roasted in the husk on the grill. The hardest part is removing the hot husks so you can eat the corn while it's still warm without burning your fingers to pieces.  Then you butter it and dump fajita seasoning and Tony Chachere's (my have corn combo) all over the place so your lips end up burning and buttery.  Mmmmmm...

Tonight I tried cooking in the oven, something I saw on Pinterest that came from HERE.  You basically stick it in the oven with the husk on for 35 minutes at 350. Ta da!  Tonight I tried it with roasted garlic, but definitely didn't put enough garlic on.  I roasted the garlic in the oven for about as long as the corn, and with a bit of olive oil in foil.  Then I squeezed each clove out and basically smeared them all over the corn with the butter.  Good, but again--I definitely didn't have enough garlic.

Next up, I'm trying this Mexican Street corn, again found on Pinterest.  You can see the original link HERE.  This sounds totally amazing, and I'm all ready to branch out with my favorite summer food!

Sawyer On: Star Wars Meets Heaven

S:  If Lincoln has a light saber, then he can be in the Lord's army. But if he doesn't have a light saber, he can't be in the Lord's army.  He has to have a light saber.

Photo of the Day

Spotted in his natural habitat, here you can see that the Sawyer tends to sleep in remote and difficult positions.  Wedging between two chairs upside down in the floor is not atypical.  Even with our camera's flash, he continues to rest, saving up energy for the early morning hours when he wakes.  What a beautiful and interesting specimen of nature!

Potty Training: Child Two, Day One Fail?

So, our numbers at the end of the day are as follows.

Times Lincoln peed in the floor: 1
Times Lincoln peed just in his underwear: 4
Times Lincoln peed in the toilet: 0

The zero is what scares me.  I know it can be hard to get comfortable, but we are using the Little Looster again for maximum comfort.  Nope.  Sawyer is there, cheering him on and even demonstrating. Nope.

Linc isn't resistant to the idea of it, and happily sits on the toilet, but we just have no results.  Any ideas?  Help?  I don't want to give up yet, but I also think it'd be easier later.  Then again, since we took down our clothesline and stuff for the sake of house showings, the price of diapers is killing me.

Potty Training: Child 2, Day 1

The boys are out of school, so Rob and I decided to start potty training Linc.  Unlike last time, where we did tons of prep, I sort of forgot this plan until last night.  Whoops.  I generally remember how we did it: set a timer and had him try every time, give stickers for trying and something larger for GOING (not a food reward but something like an army guy), and then an even larger toy (in this case, a matchbox car) for pooping.  We thought we'd let Sawyer help encourage him as well, and reward Saw with stickers so he wouldn't complain about the bounty Linc is receiving.

So far we've had two carpet pees, no toilet pass, but a lot of enthusiasm.

Linc is fine going to the toilet when the timer goes off, and loves that Sawyer stands there cheerleading, but hasn't figured out that he should actually PEE while on the toilet.  I put him in a diaper for the gym and he was dry at the end, so I think it's sort of beginning to sink in that he shouldn't just pee whenever, wherever.

Then again, he peed in Sawyer's closet a few minutes ago.  Kinda makes me wish we didn't have new carpets.

For Sawyer's part, he is being very helpful and is a great motivation, since Linc wants to do all that Sawyer does.  But he is not happy that he doesn't get a toy whenever he uses the toilet, despite my insistence that he already did get toys when he was Lincoln's age.  Getting a sticker for helping Linc is a kind of far-off consolation prize, but at least he's still helping.

More updates to follow.  Probably with more places Linc has peed in our house.

My Day in Numbers


on the face of my clock when the kids got me up:  550
of ounces of coffee spilled on my person:                   4
of cups of coffee I actually drank:                               3
of times Lincoln has tried to go potty on the toilet:     6
of times Lincoln has GONE potty on the toilet:          0
of times Lincoln has probably peed in the bath:          4
of times Lincoln has peed on the floor:                       0  (whew)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lincoln On: Manners

L:  Go away, Mommy.
M: That's not nice, Lincoln.
L:  Go away, PLEASE.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Kid Things That Drive Me Bonkers

There are a few things that, over the past four years, I have found myself scorning, rejecting, and going out of my way to avoid, destroy, or "lose."

Note: If you are a giver of one of these gifts, please note that I am really appreciative for any gift!  This is totally just weird me stuff and does not have to do with the kids.  We all have our pet peeves, right?

Puzzles.  I hate them.  As an adult, I actually like to set out a good puzzle and finish it, especially over a week or so, just taking a few minutes here or there.  This is especially fun with Rob or my mom and dad.  But the kids puzzles?  ACK!  Unless you are uber organized, the pieces disappear.  I have this tendency to donate the puzzles that are missing pieces and then months later, find the pieces.

I have a few exceptions that I've kept (like the wooden ABC puzzle from Aunt Denise), but the pieces are ALWAYS finding their ways into random dresser drawers or under beds.  Drives me nuts.  Maybe the real problem is my inability to keep track of things.  So, it's not the puzzles I hate--it's me.  (Random but fitting Arrested Development quote:  White Power Bill: "I hate my father."  Tobias: "No, you hate White Power Bill."  White Power Bill: "I hate my father."  Tobias:  "You hate White Power Bill."  White Power Bill:  "I hate White Power Bill.")

Bubbles.  My kids?  LOVE.  Love love love.  The thing is that they want to blow them by themselves.  Which inevitably leads to spilling.  And crying.  Even the big "spill proof" bubbles are not really spill proof.  It's like a challenge to the kids:  how long will it take us to REALLY spill them?  Where there's a will, there's a way.  It also stinks when your kid wants to blow bubbles themselves but the bubbles will not cooperate and be blown.  While there is much joy in bubble-blowing, with much joy comes much frustration.

Those are the only two I can think of right now. I'm also not big into crayons and coloring books, which is weird.  I do like painting with my kids, or letting them paint, but it's definitely a production and we don't do it very often.  What are YOUR pet peeves? I have friends that hate things like Play Doh, which I love.  It's different in every house, probably.  Any toys you refuse to own??

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Selling Our House: Still Selling

I haven't talked about our whole house-selling venture in a while because, well, there's nothing to say.  Lots of showings, no offers.  Comments that are generally nice, but not the comments of buyers:

Shows well, kitchen too small.

Cute house, not what we're looking for.

Wish the pool didn't take up so much of the yard.

And one particularly stinging response that criticized pretty much everything about our house and then also said the laundry room smelled.  Which is what happens when you leave the house all day with wet clothes in their, mildewing.  Oops!  Clearly the smell of mildewing clothes was not the thing that kept them from buying.

Rob and I aren't frustrated, though waiting isn't fun.  We have tons of things in storage with friends and family that I'd either like to get rid of, move back into our home, or move into a new house.  I miss having personal photos on the walls.  I am tired of having to move the microwave in and out of the kitchen to show off our granite counters.  We also have found a house that we both really like and would like to put an offer on, but that doesn't fly really when you haven't sold your current house that just sold today.     So we're stuck in a limbo of living here, but not sure if our roots should dig down deep for the long haul or start to lift up for the next place.

I've learned that following all the guidelines of your realtor and HGTV don't mean your house will sell.  Even if you stage your pantry and paint everything neutral. Even if comparable houses in your neighborhood and on your street sell right away.

We keep examining things, trying to figure out what makes our house different from the ones that have sold quickly.  The big thing is the pool.  It's the one factor that has not been present in the homes that have sold in a matter of days.  Generally speaking, our house is as updated as it can be and has the same square footage and size and layout of pretty much every other house here.

There is something to be said for finding the balance and making peace with the reality that you can't control these things.  Rob and I discuss what might be happening from a larger God-perspective: maybe God wants us to say; maybe He has a different house for us that will come on just at the right time; maybe He has a buyer for this house that's just not ready yet.  The thing is that you can't read God's will like tea leaves--and can you really read tea leaves, anyway?  Sometimes in retrospect you see the why to things, or at least learn something that you feel like is from God.  Sometimes not so much.

We are open and waiting, trying to be patient and see what comes along and what we might learn from it, but aren't being overly spiritual or making pithy comments about the whole thing.  Our house will sell, or it won't.  We'll move or not.  There's really no LOSING side to this thing, only the oddly challenging middle part where you don't know which side you're on.

For now, though, we're hunkered down in a clean, photo-less home with neutral walls.

Headless Mother's Day

I guess really this is a body-less Mother's Day, but headless sounds better.  I feel a little bad for my brother, who thought we were kidding when my mom and I told him to take like ten shots of us on Mother's Day.  You know how it is--I have three chins in that one!  My eyes look weird!  What's wrong with your smile?

Ladies, it's hard to take a good photo. Am I right?

My poor brother got an earful, though, and then we refused to pose again when he said he'd take a real set.  Because women can be like that, too.  It's Mother's Day!  We reserve the right to refuse photos, or to be mad about photos.

School's Out. For. The. Summer!

I always think of the movie Scream when I hear that song.  Usually I hear that song in my head when I realize that it's the last day of school for my kids.  Eeek!  I must say that I'm thankful my boys can go through the summer at their school with a two week break at the beginning and end.  It helps us keep our routine and they do tons of fun activities in the summer.

Today I'm enjoying the quiet before the storm of that two weeks.

If you saw the video already, we had an end of the year performance for Sawyer's preschool the other night. I have insanely low expectations for those things, especially with Saw.  The other day at his mother's day luncheon, he flat-out refused to sing and dance with the class and instead stood there, shaking his head.  And then, in true Kiki-style, put his hands through the bottoms of his shorts and waved.  (This is something I did in first grade on the soccer field. Instead of, you know, playing soccer.)  Low expectations ALWAYS help, but the program was actually VERY cute and Sawyer did a great job!  I'm not sure if the promise of a treat helped with that motivation.

 This was part of a really cute song where the music stopped every minute or so and the kids had to freeze.  Sawyer always froze about five seconds early.  It was precious.

 He's no Justin Bieber (have you SEEN that boy playing drums as a toddler in Never Say Never?  Yes--I watched the whole thing.) but he likes rhythm!

 Going on a bear hunt!

 It is a prerequisite to look shy in front of the ladies.

 Linc sat still through most of this thing.  The reason?  The orange chin:  a lollipop.
 He definitely wanted to join his brother on stage.

 During the slideshow, Rob snuggled with the boys.  That's why I like my family.

Though we have a while yet, it's becoming very REAL to me how old my boys are getting, and how soon they will be in actual school and be actual boys.  You know, I don't think it was Peter Pan who never wanted to grow up.  I think it was his MOTHER.



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