Friday, January 4, 2013

Adult Toys

Sometimes I write a blog post title and don't think about all the people who will stumble across my blog looking for something else. I have a feeling many of those will be disappointed in this post, in which I share some of my favorite Christmas toys this year for me.

1. Rob's gift of a Kitchenaid stand mixer.
How many of you got one of these when you got married, then let it sit on the counter or in a closet and never used it? I realized when we got married that I wouldn't use it, so I didn't buy one with all the gift cards we accumulated. Fast forward to ten years later when I'm burning out the motor of a 1980s hand mixer and I'm wishing I had chosen differently. I posted on Facebook about the fire from the hand mixer and one of Rob's friends contacted him to sell a used mixer--used ONE TIME, that is. It's not the newest, and I generally don't like things that are white, but man OH MAN. I've already used it at least ten times. I lurve it. And believe you me, my husband is not in the doghouse for buying me an appliance for Christmas.

2. A new laptop. 
This baby came from Christmas money both from my parents and my parents. Plus money I got selling cookies this month and random blog or just life things. Cash rained down and so I sold my old laptop (which is functional only if you're not using the internet ever) to Rob's sister and snagged a bundle deal which included Microsoft Office, a printer/scanner/copier, and a few other things.  I miss using a Mac already, but we have a Mac home computer and the laptops would have been more than three times what I paid, WITHOUT all the bonus features. Sorry, Apple. Plus, this one is RED. Rob says maroon, but he's an Aggie, so he only sees maroon.

3.  Lego derby girl. 
This actually was a gift to one of the grandkids from Rob's parents, but the boxes had mystery people in them. When he opened it up and there was a derby skater, everyone thought of me, so they passed it on. Isn't she special? If you want your own, you can probably find one somewhere via the Lego site.

I got lots of other lovely things, like new gray boots that I LOVE and some gift cards for maternity clothes (which have already been boughten) so maybe I'll do a post with clothes from Christmas. I also got slippers with hard soles, so you know that I wear those suckers to the grocery store. Try and stop me.

Did you get any fun toys this Christmas?



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