Saturday, January 5, 2013

Angry Birds Enter the Catechism

Rob and I have gone through the first three questions of a child's catechism with our boys. I love the word catechism (say it a few times out loud if you must) and think it's a neat way to teach young ones who learn best in this way by memory. We'll have deep talks about what these things mean and why we believe them later on. (And sometimes now with Sawyer, a little boy with big thoughts.)

Today in the car, I went through them with Lincoln. Then he added a fourth question and answer. Points for cultural relevance, I guess?

M: Lincoln, who made you?

L: God did.

M: And what else did God make?


M: And why did he make it?

L: For his glory.

M: That's right, buddy!

L: And HOW did he make it? ANGRY BIRDS!

M: .....



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