Saturday, January 26, 2013

I Said Yes Too Many Times

 How Rob and I felt this morning.

If you know me, you know that I am a no-person. I have gotten fairly good over the years at self-protection via nay-saying. You see, I am a major introvert. Major being an understatement. Time alone is the thing I value most. I love people and being around people, but I leave places (especially places with lots of people) feeling like I have been sat upon by an elephant. Saying no is often my way of keeping myself safe, and sane.

This week, though, I said yes too many times.

Which resulted in me freaking out on my kids today (more on that later) and having an exhaustive meltdown. Oh, and not blogging for a day or two. GASP! Here are some of the things that I did this busy yes-week.

Our church had a friendship brunch today--a yearly event. I signed up this year to host a table and got a full table of derby girls, which was amazing. We clean up nice, despite the fact that I forgot to take pictures of actual people. This involved decorating a table.

 For derby girls, you've got to have skates.

And skate cookies. I didn't do a close-up because these were the messiest cookies ever. Tasty, though.
I love this photo. Lurve.

In addition to hosting a table, I was in charge of making an announcement about the women's retreat (not such a huge thing, but just one more thing). AND I sang and played guitar with Alex Wenig, a fabulous musician at our church. It was her song, so I had to learn it and figure out harmonies. Since most of my musical prowess is, uh, me just having good hunches, it can be tough on me to figure things out or play along. It was really fun and I loved getting to work with Alex. Still, anytime I have to do this kind of stuff, it takes a lot out.

I do love when I get to reunite with my baby. Hi, baby.

Yesterday I also did a blogger tour of the new Katy Whole Foods (more on that later), which was amazing. Then tonight we did a birthday party for Rob's dad (more on that later too).

It's been a week. Oh, and there is that whole little matter of my book. Which involved a lot of self-promotion and creating a new Facebook page and Twittering and all that jazz. If you see this post Saturday, you'll still have a chance to snag it for free. FREE! Sunday morning it goes back up to $2.99.

How was your week? Are you a yes-man or a nay-sayer like me? Introvert or extrovert? I'm looking forward to a lazy Sunday where I can maybe recover. Maybe.



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