Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Is It Too Late for a New Year's Post?

New Years is my least favorite holiday. I even like it less than Valentines Day, because at least on V-Day I get dinner out. If you are a mom with kids, dinner out is like, the best gift ever. Well, best food gift.

In any case, I hate New Years. I figured that I say this every year on the blog and was right. I found last year's post about how I'd failed my resolutions before January's end and then this post from three years ago when I just whined about hating New Years. Last year we actually resoluted to crack down on budget and sell our house...and even that didn't pan out when our house didn't sell. Not much you can do about that one! Oh, and for several years I have resoluted to be better about making Rob lunches, and failed every year.

This week I wrote a post for Leading Voices, the new EPC Women's Ministry blog, about resolutions and how I think it would be nice to think smaller. A year sounds long--how about a day??

It's not just the resoluting that I don't like, but the party-hard mentality when it generally seems to flop somehow. Like the time I spent New Years in a club near Times Square with a great college friend. Instead of the fun girl's night, the guy she liked spent all night hitting on me and someone put something in my drink, resulting in me puking in the club. (Thankfully that's ALL that happened--and I had the wherewithal to puke into empty glasses, not just on the floor AND it finally got that guy to stop hitting on me.)

The best New Years I remember was hanging with my brother on Y2K. (Why was it called that, again?) We took a brief pause from watching Office Space (newly released movie and not yet cult classic) to see if the world ended at midnight, or if you could audibly hear all computers everywhere dying, but then went back to the movie. And my friend Owen and a few of his buddies came over so we watched Office Space AGAIN. It was epic.

I guess I like my New Year's downhome, because this year we sent all the kids other places (or put them to bed) and had a fun game night with some of my family and some of Rob's family. We played the game Things, which I bought at a thrift store for $3. Best buy ever! So much fun. Each round has a question like: "Things you shouldn't do in an elevator." Everyone writes an answer and passes them in and then you try to guess who said what. So. Much. Laughter.

I can handle that kind of New Years.  But I'm not making resolutions or having one word for the year. As I said in the Leading Voices post, I'm going to make this a year full of days--days with purpose and significance.  With a new baby on the way, I realize sometimes that might just look like survival.

I don't know why my dog is the most photogenic in this photo--we are all so wildly attractive. I will resolve here and now to change out that paint color. Ugh.



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