Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rewriting Self-Centered Histories

Today Sawyer left on a road trip to Kansas (among other sundry places) with his Mimi, Aunt Sandi, and a few cousins. I already miss him. But we had a hot date this morning to Waffle House, one of my favorite breakfasting establishments, and it was lovely. (And yes, he loved it as much as I did.) On the way home, he was going through a bag of small change my mom gave him for the trip.

S: Mom, who is this? [holding up the dollar bill]
M: George Washington. He was the first president.
S: Aw. I thought it was Tom Sawyer.
M: ...No, Tom Sawyer is just a book character. George Washington was a real person.
S: Who is this one? [holding up a five dollar bill]
M: Abraham Lincoln. He was president during the civil war, a time when--
S: I thought it was my brother!
M: ....Your brother, Lincoln?
S: Yeah.
M: Does that...look like your brother?
S: Yeah.
M: Really. Lincoln your brother has a beard?
S: Yeah, Mom.
M: Okay, then.

Don't we all kind of see history as revolving around ourselves a bit? Maybe not this much.



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