Monday, January 28, 2013

Sneak Peek: Whole Foods Katy

Sometimes blogging gets me fun perks. Like: getting to tour the new Whole Foods in Katy.

This new Whole Foods reminded me of the phrase "pretty is as pretty does." Whole Foods is pretty-looking and pretty-doing. As a company, Whole Foods focuses on sustainable, organic, and environmentally friendly practices and products. As a minimum, they give 5% of yearly profits to the communities where they are located. Katy is going to love this store! Though we aren't in Katy, this store is right up the road from the gym we use a lot in Katy, so I know I'll be stopping in.

Because it was pre-opening, the shelves were not full, and so the decor easily distracted me. Using many raw, authentic, and repurposed materials, they captured the essence of Katy and its rice-agriculture history. This sign was made using rice bags. Beautiful.

 Before opening, this Whole Foods reached out and added seven new local suppliers in addition to the ones they already had lined up.
 I'm a sucker for yetis. I don't believe in them, but I do believe in the Loch Ness Monster. For serious.
 Look at all those pretty bulk items...

 Mmm...wildflower honey!
 Any good store needs to have beer. BEER!! I love this sign as well--all those tiny circles are beer caps. Some left as is, and some (like the yellow) painted. Gorgeous. Plus the wood sign. All the repurposed wood was gorgeous.

 Chevron is the sort of trademark design for this store, and all Whole Foods employ designers who can do chalk art like this bulk sign.

 This reminded me of something you'd see on HGTV: an amazing block of wood transformed into a hanging light. Love. It's not bad that I got a little caught up in the decor, right? After all, the shelves weren't quite full with food yet for me to drool over.

 Again with the details--wood and chicken-wire for the checkout lines.

If you're local and want to hit up the bread-breaking ceremony, you can head out 601 to the Whole Foods Market on January 30 at 8am. (6601 S. Fry Road Katy, TX)



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