Thursday, January 24, 2013

There Is No Small Call...Like a FREE Call

The day has come. There Is No Small Call is FREE! For the next three days--Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The good thing about ebooks is that it won't sell out. Snag the book, read the book, review the book, tell your friends about the book. You have nothing to lose now--though the normal $2.99 price is not such a loss.

Because I am not doing enough social media already (ha!), I have created an official Facebook page for me, Kirsten Oliphant. You can find it HERE. Many of you already like my I Still Hate Pickles page, but this writer page will be solely writing things. Either updates on my writing, or a collection of great posts I find on writing and publishing. If you are interested at all in writing, it's a great place to connect. I'm happy to be putting all the links I'm reading in one place. Today I found some great ones about cover art, keywords, and the balance of writing and your personal life. Good stuff.

You know you like me. Now "like" me.



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