Sunday, January 13, 2013

Two Birds and a Great Date

You may have noticed that I have a new profile picture. I love it--and I'm picky with photos of myself. Precisely the reason I usually take weird photos. I prefer to take a weird photo on purpose than take a terrible one when I want it to be pretty.  Yes, I have a complex.

So when my friend Bonnie (formerly Tawdry Hepburn from Houston Roller Derby) approached me about doing a couples photo shoot, I was wary. She assured me that this would be fun and romantic. I didn't have the heart to tell her I often get super awkward during photo shoots and that I don't generally think of myself as romantic. Rob was even less enthusiastic. Being a dude, "photo shoot" and "romantic" was almost as bad as when I say something like "Project Runway."

Bonnie sent us questions that we were each supposed to think about individually, but not talk about ahead of time. When we arrived, Bonnie would help us find a good spot for the photos and then would prompt us with a question. Think along the lines of great date night questions: What was your first impression of your partner? What is the most romantic things your partner has ever done for you? 

While I thought this might be really awkward--you know, answering questions that were personally while other people (Bonnie and her husband) watched--it was actually very comfortable and fun. We laughed a lot, and the photos show that, I think.
When we got done, Rob said, "I feel like we just went on a date." That's how fun and comfortable it was. We went to dinner after, and the great conversation continued. 

Normally, with two kids and busy lives, we wouldn't have taken the time or priority to have a photo session of the two of us. It was a treat, both in the moment and after, getting to see the finished product.
Bonnie and Two Birds Photography were fantastic, professional, and fun. Not to mention talented. They will be having these Couples Visual Voice sessions and running some specials and contest (more on that later). You can contact Bonnie through the Two Birds Facebook page or their main website, showcasing some of their other genres.



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