Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What Happened in 2012, Part 2

I linked up yesterday to some big posts from the past year because honestly, I couldn't remember much about 2012. Which is sad. I got through June and now I'm finishing up July-December.

There was a lot of screaming in the family restroom and I bought all my Christmas presents for the boys on Target super clearance.  People on the internet are mean (but not as much to me) and I have a lot of nicknames.

I made my own dog food (for Tex, not me) and we potty-trained Lincoln. I explained why my faith has teeth and got some great tips for cooking with tofu.  We all took some bad photos and I got pregnant, though I didn't know it. Yet. This is around when my blog started incorporating more spiritual posts, like this one on stillness and I took a trip without kids but with my mom to Virginia.

Lincoln began destroying the house while the rest of us were sleeping and I got ticked at the way people talk about faith and politics. I learned I was pregnant which made me begin to hate coffee and then I talked about why I skated my last bout while suspecting I was pregnant. I taught my husband about Rick-rolling and I reflected on things I learned while our house was not selling.

Our family hit the beach with my parents and I had a really terrible first hospital experience.  I took awkward pregnancy photos that I loved and one of my readers forced me to talk about whether or not Jesus was a socialist. Rob and I had some Arrested Development-themed fun on a segway tour to Galveston and I had some great times with the boys. I also discussed the difference between real life and Pinterest.

I explained why I burn toast and ate part of my own mouth after novocaine and the dentist. My brother Geoff and I took an impromptu trip to New Orleans and I went to the Young House Love book-signing, which was epic. In embarrassment and awesomeness. I compared Jaws to our relationship with Jesus and talked about the diversity in C-section experiences. Parenting gave me some new things for my resume while I struggled with the experience of birth.

Hey--this stuff just happened! I got mad when people started throwing blame around after the shootings in  Newtown. My ultrasound videos were both neat AND creepy and Christmas seemed to have a lot of rules. I redesigned my blog (which still has my comments screwed up) and wrote this advent devotional, a self-publishing experience I didn't think i would ever have. I had to face up to my own Mommy Monster while the boys donned ninja costumes

It's been quite a year. While the first half was really tough in ways that are still hard for me to fully remember, this second part has been fully of joy, even in tough circumstances. God has really done a lot in the past month especially that's been humbling and really neat. Looking back is always a great thing for me--have you spent any time thinking back over your year?

Maybe one day I'll make resolutions. For now, I'll just remember.



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