Sunday, January 13, 2013

When the Second Is the Only

This week, Sawyer got to go on a road trip with Rob's mom, sister, and her three kids. This is the second year he got to do this, being a fantastic traveler for his age. He returned sick (just like last year) pretty much from not sleeping. The kid is like me--if there is anything going on, he doesn't want to miss it. I'm so happy he got to travel and see family in Kansas, like his great-grandmother.

Meanwhile, Lincoln got to be the only child.
It took some getting used to. The first day, he kept asking where Sawyer was and telling me things like, "I don't want to go to the gym without my brother." Aw! When we went to playgrounds, sometimes he couldn't figure out how to get started playing, because he didn't have a big brother to follow. It was not unlike a dog with three legs.

By the end of the week, he was out of his shell and really enjoying the special things we did with him. He got several Hot Dates with me and with Rob, plus with my parents. He spent the night with Rob's dad once. We took him to the aquarium and out to eat. He got to sled at a small snow day that my parents' neighborhood holds every year.
 Ps- In case you are wondering about the Downtown Houston Aquarium--I would say not worth it for little kids. It was $7 to park and $25 for me, Mom, and Lincoln. You can walk start to finish in two minutes--I know this because Lincoln ran start to finish. We went back through a few times, but after an hour, he was MORE than done. That's a lot of dough to drop for so little time.  He did have fun, but I think this is more worth it for older kids or adults.

This white tiger kept it classy by marking her territory frequently--including the glass we were looking through. Ew. Oh, and she (yes, SHE) jumped up on the glass and RAWR-ed at my mom. Yikes. 

 Poor kid. This may be the only sledding he ever gets!

I would say that the sledding was a pretty good metaphor for this week: at first, he looked terrified, but he got up with a giant smile and said, "Again!"

Sawyer came home tonight after Linc was asleep, so we'll see how the readjusting for both of them goes. Right now, I'm just hoping Saw's fever dies down.



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