Friday, February 22, 2013

Extreme Nesting

Rob and I did not sell our house. I feel like I should start there because every so often I run into someone who asks where we moved. If you want to know about the moving process, there is a lovely label called "moving" at the bottom of the blog in the labels section. If you are too lazy to scroll, check here for a post on what I learned having the house on the market but not selling, or here to see some of the work in progress as we got ready to sell.

We refinanced and now plan to stay for a while, though ultimately we'd still like to move to Katy, a community further west of here. I dream of chickens and maybe a cow, while Rob dreams of our boys playing football for Katy High School.

Since we are staying, we are now in the process of getting things fixed (most of which we realized were broken while the house was on the market) and updating things we always wanted to do. Foundation and pipes and pool issues aren't so fun to talk about, but you know what is? KITCHEN RENOVATION.

Turns out that Rob's uncle makes custom cabinets, so the plan is that he will come down in a few weeks with cabinets, and we have this fancy slab of granite I got at an amazing deal because it was the last one. We are tearing out a wall and some parts of walls and putting in a breakfast bar and just generally going hog wild. Because that's what you do when you are seven months pregnant.

You organize your closet; I renovate the kitchen.

Be sure that there are pictures to follow, but the main thing we are doing is taking out a sort of half-wall that divides the kitchen from the TV room. The counter will extend farther and make a breakfast bar. This is a terrible iphone photo, but you can envision with me that the wall is gone and there is a bar which these high chairs will gather round.

I am so excited! I started pinning to my Kitchen Fixin' board like crazy on Pinterest as we finalize what we are doing. You should probably follow along to see what we're up to. Here are a few looks at things we like.
Love the open glass cabinets (though I'd only want those in moderation so I can be messy behind some closed doors) and the simplistic but lovely white cabinets.
Rob loves this backsplash, but I'm kind of torn between something like that and something more sleek and shiny like one of these:

This will mean fun new fixtures as well, so I am looking at pendant lights. I might make my own if I can find something fun that inspires me. These are the most beautiful things ever (from Cisco Home) but totally out of the question because of price.
(If you want more details on any of those photos, go check my Kitchen Fixin' board.)

Can't wait to have some actual photos of what we'll do to share with you. For now...just dreams and Pinterest.


  1. Pinterest is so awesome for getting great ideas! Can't wait to see what you come up with. =0)
    I'd love to have a nice and bright kitchen, but our whole house seems a bit dark (boo!). Oh well...I can always dream (and surf pinterest).
    New GFC follower and inviting you to Meet & Greet hop at my place.

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  3. Hi, I'm your newest follower from the meet and greet. There are so many cool ideas out there on pinterest. I prefer a darker more castle like feel, but bright and airy seems to be in. If I want bright and airy, I just go hang outside.

  4. The two bottom back splashes would probably definitely be difficult to keep clean with the white grout. We had some like that when I worked at Starbucks and we could NEVER get if clean so just beware.


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