Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Self Pub Via Kindle Part 5: Online Resources

This is part of a series on self-publishing via Amazon through the Kindle Direct Publishing program. If you want to read the first parts of the series, you can find them here. Keep checking back for more posts with my tips, tricks, and thoughts about the process. 

I have one more book to go (next week!!) before I plan to summarize my thoughts on this process fully, but along the way I have picked up a lot of great resources, from people to follow on Twitter to websites. Since my series is based from my perspective of a first-timer, you may do well to check out what some other seasoned people have to say!

People to Follow on Twitter
Jo Harrison  has fabulous links about formatting, e-books, self-publishing, and has her own services as well. I've found great links through her in the past several weeks.

Jane Friedman is a former publisher of Writer's Digest who now teaches in my home state of Virginia. Holla! Her tweets share links to a wider range of articles on publishing and writing. Definitely one to keep on your radar, her blog and her weekly roundups are fabulous.

Joanna Penn is a writer and speaker who also helps people publish and market. Her links cover all aspects of the process, which is fabulous, and her website has great posts as well.

Suzanne Main is a newbie author who jumps all around with her great links. She deals with the process itself as well as the self-publishing aspect.

Jeff Goins was the creator of a webinar that led me to self-publish in the first place. He has great insights and advice to help writers and self-publishers.

Who am I missing? Share your favorite Tweeters.

Sites to Frequent
How to Successfully Self-Publish.  The name kind of says it all, right? Lots of great posts from a variety of writers on aspects of the industry. 

The Self-Publishing Toolkit. This site has lots of practical advice on everything from writing to managing your social media. They also have a great ebook available on Amazon.

A Newbie's Guide to Publishing. If you are curious about the wider world of publishing and how the traditional world and the indie world of e-publishing are colliding, writer JA Konrath has a great insider's view on this, with a particular bent.

Being Human at Electric Speed. This is the blog of Jane Friedman (see above) and is a fabulous resource. Definitely one to frequent from a voice more established in the industry.

What am I missing? Share your favorite writing sites.

If you haven't "liked" my author Facebook page yet, please do! I share daily links about writing, blogging, publishing, editing, and social media. I would love for you to share your own links and favorite sites, writers, and bloggers. Hopefully this series has been helpful to you--look for a conclusion post or two in the coming weeks--oh! And a new book.



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