Monday, March 25, 2013

Derby Baby Showers Keep the Babies Between Your Legs

I love derby baby showers.

Why? There is a little more laughter and a lot more booze. Unlike most showers, where it seems to be a full crowd of already-moms or want-to-be moms, derby baby showers tend to be a little more diverse. We have moms and girls who hope to be moms and girls who don't want to ever have kids (Sometimes guys even pop in and then bolt.) And yet we can all celebrate together, and we do.

With a baby between your legs.

If you remember from the last baby shower for Cynder, we created a game called Don't Have a Baby. You get a baby doll that you must keep between your legs--last baby there wins. This is a hilarious and amazing game. You can see how creepy it looks with a pregnant belly in my view from above.

Aside from the having babies and the champagne, it was a huge blessing to receive so many lovely and amazing gifts, and to get to laugh about things you should keep in a diaper bag or things you can't do with a newborn. If you have never played the game Things, you should go snag it, or adapt it to a baby shower.

Non-alcoholic beer is also lovely when you have a bunch of people drinking champagne nearby.

You also might win a prize if you have the best answer in the game of Things: beer and condoms. Appropriate, right?

Oh, and if your host's children make your cake, it might be a birthday cake. But you don't have to actually give birth. Thankfully.

The best part is that if you played (or coached) a bout the night before, you might have the best accessory ever: your numbers still on your arms.

Thanks to all you lovely ladies for your gifts and presents and laughter. It was a blast!

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