Thursday, March 14, 2013

Did You Miss Me?

I've been out of touch for the better part of five days on a ranch in West Texas. The weird thing about the internet is that if I write about being gone, people might break into my house. People that aren't afraid of my giant, beastly, terrifying dog that we leave home to guard the place, that is.

Just in case (and to make my dog's job easier), I set up posts ahead of time and kept things a little hush-hush. I did write one post on our West Texas trip, Proximity, which deals with relationships old and new. The electricity of new that transforms into the warmth and comfort of the old. Can I love my own post? I kind of do.

I also had a post on reverse meal planning that showed up on one of my favorite sites, Money Saving Mom. This has been a month of guest posts, with a recipe post up on Sparkles & a Stove (I'm going to have regular recipe features there) and also a post about womanhood over at The Good Women Project. Call me a busy beaver!

Lots of photo-heavy posts coming up from our ranch trip! Like this one of Saw, showing off his ability to cross and un-cross his eyes. Oh, my child.

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