Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wild Texas, Wild Children

Our kids probably did not want to come home after our five-day trip to a ranch in West Texas. Actually, I take that back. The morning we were to leave, Lincoln said, "Yay! We can watch TV!" Guess all that nature got a little much.

In any case, we had a blast with the family. Imagine 14 adults and 12 kids in a 4-bedroom house with two small guest houses. Plus some cactus, feral pigs, a herd of zebra, and you've pretty much got our vacation. Because I have literally hundreds of photos, I'm splitting my posts. This one is all family, all the time.

 Timmy and Hayes.
 Sawyer was learning to use my camera (sort of) and this was his only in focus (ish) photo.
 Taya with Lauren and Tim's baby Hayes.

 Fire pits are great for babies and smores.
 Rob and his mom are the cutest. And look so much alike!

 Saw and cousin Ireland.
 Love this! Sawyer learned to drive.
 This looks cute, but Lincoln hated it. One minute after this, he got off and ran all the way back to the barn. Sawyer loved it.
 Too bad this is blurry. Fun with Uncle Daniel.
 Learning car safety.
My boys and a really smelly dog.

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