Monday, April 15, 2013

Backsplash Preview

Because things are moving slower than I would hope in the kitchen (between, you know, the whole Rob having a job thing and me being pregnant thing AND our two kids thing), I'm giving you another brief preview. This time, of something I'm loving almost as much as the granite: our backsplash.

I've spent enough time on HGTV to know that backsplash is one of those things that you can do yourself, as long as you can measure. I can't measure, but that's why I married Rob. (Not the only reason, but still, an important one.) I've been super excited about this and posted a whole lot of idea photos on my Pinterest kitchen board to see what I liked. Then I scoured Home Depot for tile. I wasn't thrilled with what I found there, but happened into Lowes and found the perfect combination of glass tile and subway tile. (I tend to shop Home Depot more because I have a secret love affair with Behr paint--now not-so-secret.)

Last night we did the prep work and tonight we hope to start. Rob is doing all the cutting/measuring/tile-sawing and I hope to just slap that sucker up there. We followed a handy-dandy tutorial on Young House Love for prep and thinking ahead, even though they used penny tile and we are using different kinds. So glad they have details on all their projects!

 Rob, with his gray patch of wisdom, took right to cutting all the glass tiles. In case you're wondering why we are choosing this combo, it's for a few reasons. I love glass tile, but sometimes too much of it can be overwhelming or icky. We also have planned everything in our kitchen asking these questions:

-What do we like?
-What are people most likely not to be turned-off by when/if we go to sell our house?

You can't always plan the second one that well, as we know from some of the odd feedback we got when showing our house. (Ex: didn't like the drywall. We don't have crazy texturing, so I'm not even sure what that meant.) But, it's good to think about that when you're planning home improvements if you think you may, at some point in the near distant future, sell the house. In the case of the glass tile, we felt a little made a statement, but a lot might make more of a statement. Plus, in scouring the internet for photos, I really loved the contrast of having white subway with an accent of glass.

And...this sucker was cheap! The glass tile sheets were $4.98 a pop, and we cut them into thirds for the accent. I had originally planned to buy individual subway tiles to place in the backsplash, but found these great tile sheets, attached by netting. That makes everything easier, and I liked that the tiles were slightly smaller than the ones you could buy individually. The price was a bit more ($3.64 a sheet rather than 22 cents a tile), but not enough to really matter. This whole backsplash will be under $150, which I think is fabulous. Especially for something so pretty.

Here is a final look at what we are planning. We have it laid out so that the part in the photo touching the wall will be up top, so the larger section of white subway will be at the bottom. You can't see the granite or the wall color in the photo, but this gray glass tile looks AMAZING with the rest of the kitchen.

Hopefully later this week we will post a final photo of our kitchen. Because then I want to focus on this whole having a baby in a few weeks thing.

Any big projects going on in your home right now?


  1. Love the look of the tiles! I like glass tiles too. I am in the middle of painting my cabinets. It is a lot of work because they were brown and it is taking so much paint to cover them. *sigh* It is also taking a long time because I am a bit of a perfectionist and it takes me probably three times longer to do any project than most people. I won't even let my partner help because I don't want to be mad at her for "not doing it right." Hopefully I will have it finished by next week. Good luck with finishing and having your baby.

    1. I just painted ours--ugh!!! So tedious! I have now painted two sets of cabinets, and if I never have to do more, I'd be soooo glad. Mine were white or a light color both times, so it wasn't as much work as what you're doing. Hang in there!

  2. Oh my gosh!!!! We just did a backsplash last summer, almost identical to yours (though right now I'm envying your glass tiles. Mine are more plain). Absolutely love the subway with a splash look!!! I'm sure you will too! AND, my hubby/do-it-yourselfer is also named Rob. :)

    1. We are like twins! Robs must be very good at home stuff. :) Hopefully we'll have finished pictures by the end!


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