Thursday, April 25, 2013

Poetry from Sarah Dunning Park


Some time ago I stumbled upon a site called Simple Mom, which featured a Friday poem. As I admitted recently, I'm not a poet. I read a lot of it and even wrote some of it during my time in grad school for my MFA, but it sometimes has the effect of making me feel dumb. Instead of being intimidated by the poem by Sarah Dunning Park on Simple Mom, I was floored. I loved it, and started checking back every Friday for a new one of her poems.

I'm going to stop talking for a sec and share one of her poems. Read. Perchance, be floored. Then we will talk more poetry.

Their Eyes All Aglow

What, I wonder,
will they remember
from their childhoods?
If everything experienced
is somehow stored—
stitched into the brain’s cortical folds
like a heap of colorful rags
carefully braided and coiled
to make the rug underfoot—
which bits and pieces of memory
will present face-up,
to be felt and seen
and trod upon daily?

I would happily tinker with their minds—
to gently tuck out of reach the memories
of times I snapped at them in anger,
or to bring forward and shore up
their recollection of the days
when all was peaceful,
and love imbued every word.

But I can’t control their minds
—nor mine, tonight,
as I snuff out a stub of candle
on our table, and its smoking wick
and heady scent bring on a wave
of remembering I didn’t expect:
the feel of a Christmas Eve
when it’s late and I am little,
full to bursting with rich food
and my wild impatience
for the morning.

© Sarah Dunning Park, 2012, from What It Is Is Beautiful ( All rights reserved. Used with permission.


I often feel inadequate talking about poetry, but somehow these words were both beautiful AND accessible. I felt welcomed and familiar, not left out, the way I sometimes do with poetry. I recognized a little of my life, penned in a way that I wish I could do myself.

Somehow, as often happens these days, I connected with Sarah over the interweb, and discovered that she lives in my old stomping grounds of Virginia. (Holla!) So when it came time for her book to be released, I wanted to be a part in helping promote. Not just because I like her. Or like her poems.

But because I like YOU.

I sat down and read her book cover to cover when I got it. Then I read it again. You know that as a mom, I don't have time to read books cover to cover. It's a stay-on-the-closest-shelf book, the kind you reach for again and again.

So today and tomorrow, in honor of Sarah's book, What It Is Is Beautiful, I'm going to be sharing two of her poems here along with links to where you can order your own copy. This is not a paid gig (though Sarah sent me a signed copy of the book), but just because I really like Sarah, her poems, and YOU.

Enjoy the refreshing poetry. I hope it means as much to you as it does me.


  1. Lovely. Thank you for sharing the links!

  2. Kiki, I'm honored to be on your blog this week! Thank you for all your encouragement!


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