Monday, May 20, 2013

Life Now: Two and a Half Weeks Out

Cooper Maryln
Ah, Cooper. We are loving our little girl! It's still weird to use girl pronouns (sometimes I slip and call her "him") and so much fun to put her in clothes. We went from having one girl outfit to having like 50 thanks to hand-me-downs and new gifts. (Thanks, everyone!!) She is super easy-going so far and reminds me a little of both boys.

Cooper sleeps like 23 hours a day and when she is awake, she is aware and looks around at everything and everyone. The only time she really cries is when I don't feed her fast enough. She eats every 2-3 hours, sometimes 4 at night, and has gained over a pound since we left the hospital (which puts her almost a pound above her birth weight) and has grown about an inch. Crazy!

I am reminded how much I love the times when my babies are small and love the long days with her--just feeding her, letting her sleep, and changing like 19,000 diapers. What's hard right now for me are the boys, which is a lot because of the recovery and just not being at full steam. I feel mildly guilty at how relieved I am when other people play with them or take them places (thanks, Rob and grandparents!!). I do know that it's a season, so I try to just enjoy those moments and not feel guilty, but it's definitely much easier for me now just to have Cooper. We are definitely loving her!

C-Section Recovery
This time around has been much easier. I knew what was coming, for one thing, and there is so much to be said for having a c-section without also having gone through labor. And also having a spinal/epidural rather than being totally under and waking with no pain meds, like last time. (Shudder.) By the time I came home, I was already feeling much better. I stopped taking the heavy pain meds the second day and just switched to Ibuprofen.

Then in week 2, things went back down. I had a few days where I was in a lot more pain and bleeding a bit more heavily. I talked with the nurses at my doctor's office and they said that it was really normal a week or so out was still early and I should expect good and bad days. Mostly I sit around in pajamas, but we have had a lot of activities like Sawyer's birthday and a few end-of-the-year performances that got me out. I could always tell at the end of those days that I'd done too much.

My swelling is mostly gone, but I still have some pitting in my swollen feet. But I have legs and ankles! And lost 30 pounds since Cooper's birthday, leaving little baby weight left to go. Yay! (Clearly, I gain lots of weight pregnant, much of which is my fluid overload.)

Though Coop sleeps well at night (eating usually every 3 hours, maybe 4), I am exhausted all the time and fall asleep at least once every day in the middle of something--whether watching TV or talking to someone. I can't keep my eyes open! Go figure.

The low point: I found myself crying alone in my bedroom after taking a shower, unable to get my underwear on by myself. There is little more humiliating than when you have to ask for help getting your underwear on.Thankfully Rob is the best husband ever and managed to help me without making me feel more humiliated.

The good news: Every day is a little better, and I'm only taking Ibuprofen when necessary, maybe once or twice a day. I definitely feel like I'm getting back to normal.

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  1. Hoping you get back to 100% soon! (or is it like 90% after you have each subsequent child?? haha) :) She's adorable & I love her dark head of hair!


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