Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bringing Home Baby: Encouragement for Moms

Ask for Help Before You Need It. 
I remember being up at 3am with my first son: he was crying, I was crying, and my husband was sleeping. I felt so utterly alone.  After a week of these nights, I confessed to my husband that I needed help in those wee hours. He was glad to get up and had no idea that I was struggling because he (somehow) slept right through it. If I had not asked, he never would have known.

Do not hesitate to communicate your needs. Get creative if you don't have family or friends nearby: ask a neighbor or church group, find a support group through your local hospital or even a local Facebook group. If you have the money, hire a post-partum doula. Those who have been down this road know just how hard it is to ask for help, and also how necessary that help is. No one will be shocked or surprised that you need help because every new mom does. Before you find yourself really in dire need or at the end of a very frayed rope, ask someone for help.



  1. This is perfect!!! What beautiful advice for moms bringing home baby.

  2. Great timing! I'll make sure to re-read this after Madi arrives. Thanks for posting it!!

  3. This advice is right on in my opinion. My favorite is to give yourself grace. That is so hard when the hormones are pumping, but it is so important.

    Visiting via the Honest Voices group. Pinning and sharing. :-)

  4. Great advice. And be gracious to yourself. This is a time of bonding, of connection.
    I am following you from Inspire me Monday.
    Janis www.janiscox.com

  5. This reminded me so much of coming home with Three. Two was twenty three months, still in diapers and greatly perturbed at There's arrival. The day she came home, Two decided to throw a massive tantrum, One needed something RIGHT NOW MOM!and Three wouldn't latch. I had a melt down. Luckily my mom was there to tell me exactly what you wrote: there is no shame in asking for help. Take a shower, go to bed with Three and let me take Two with me.In the midst of feeling like an awful failure, the grace my mom showed saved me from myself. (Two and Three get along fine now, One is AWESOME and I survived with most of my sanity intact)

  6. I remember how I thought I'd be able to have a baby, come home from the hospital, figure out the baby-care thing and make lesson plans for my sub for six weeks....HA! THAT didn't happen! Fortunately, I had an experienced teacher subbing for me, since all I could do was mope around feeling inadequate about how to get my baby to nurse, take naps and sleep even a LITTLE at night ;). Congratulations on your newest edition!

  7. This is brilliantly written! I truly wish someone, ANYONE, would have told me all this before having my first child! I really enjoy reading your blog!


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