Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saving Money, No Coupons at a Time

It has been almost a year since we finished up our contract and took our house off the market. I'm still unpacking the boxes we had in storage, and I'm still not back on the coupon bandwagon. I am trying hard enough to get my mind organized, much less my house and clipping and folders and all that. It gives me the heebie jeebies, though I still love a good bargain.

If you caught my post on Money Saving Mom, my main method of shopping is using my eagle eyes. I know where to shop for the clearance deals in my store, but there are other, more hidden deals, at least in my Kroger: the closeout.

The closeout sales are hidden among the normal shelves. I don't know why they happen and there will be no warning. To find them, I walk through the aisle with my eyes the tiniest bit unfocused, kind of like I'm looking at a Magic Eye picture. Honestly. I'm always prepared to fill my cart up, because these closeouts sell until they are gone and then they are gone.

This summer, there have been major closeouts in the snack and cereal aisles. I basically bought our whole summer's worth of snacks without going over our grocery budget and for about 75-80% off. Sweet! Below is my grocery take for the week. Everything was either on super sale, clearance, or closeout.  I didn't count everything, but I had something like 25 boxes of snacks (fruit snacks, granola bars, etc), four packages of breakfast sausage plus three other sausages, two dye-free detergents, children's pain relief, six  bell peppers, and toilet paper. Total: $68.

Since each of the boxes of snacks was originally $3-4, the total for only those would have been $75, conservative estimate. Generally I don't buy many of those kinds of snacks, mostly because they are expensive, and too expensive for the tradeoff of health benefits. But summer is a great time to have some of these on hand, and I plan to make them stretch for months.

Do you have any summer splurges? Great deals that you have found or shopping secrets?


  1. I have discovered the Kroger app on my phone. Has the coupons you can load to your Kroger card and has the weekly sales that you can add to a list so there is no flipping through. I don't coupon but I do use the app.

    1. I have totally not tried that! I should since Kroger is my place.


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