Friday, July 12, 2013

Change Is in the Air

I've been a little light on blogging this week, or at least that's how it feels to me. You know that whole blog switch thing I've been talking about? I'm in the middle of it and it's exciting! And a little freaky. I've spent a lot of time figuring out the way Wordpress works with it's plugins and other weird things. Also some major time in Photoshop fooling with graphics and photos.

As a sneak peak, here is the mockup of my new header design. I took the photo and designed this. I kind of love it, but it looks strangely familiar to me, and I'm kind of worried I might have accidentally gotten someone else's design branded subconsciously on my brain. I used to do that in college all the time with songwriting--I would write a new song, then realize halfway in that the tune was literally the exact tune of a song I heard on the radio earlier that night.

In any case, behold the new header. It will be slicker and better (I'm getting help from the lovely Elaine Griffin on this) but this is the basic idea.

I'm making changes slowly and integrating some of my favorite posts here onto the new site. Don't worry! I'll let you know when I'm officially launching. This site won't go away, but will be sort of like a static library of the past six years.

I really hope you all follow me to the new address, and a start to that is liking my "Kirsten Oliphant" page, as I'll be getting rid of the "I Still Hate Pickles" page. Thoughts on the new design? Or the move? Hopefully next week I'll be a little more plugged into the blog world. Right now my brain is mush.


  1. Exciting news! I know your move will be great and I love the header. Sigh... I *really* need to make a FB page for Peach, don't I? Ugh.

  2. Looks great, although change is always difficult at first.

    Barbara @


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