Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Psalm 65, Gangnam Style

Just kidding. I'm not doing that. But I am making a video via webcam--a first for me. Which pretty much means that I am old. Or missed out on a good portion of the early 21st century. Maybe both. It's freaking me out a little lot, so I am currently feeling like a very insecure junior higher. I'm going to blame Jennifer Upton from Spiritual Glasses, who often writes a poem response to the Psalms, which got me thinking outside of the box. Her fault! Unless you really like this, and then I'll take all the credit. Because that's both Biblical and in line with the heart of the Psalm.

I'll stop talking. You're probably already watching the video. [I'm ducking my head into my shirt now.] Oh! And you can hardly hear me in the beginning, but it will get louder with the song, so you may want to be near your volume.

(Here are the lyrics, which are all from Psalm 65.)

Praise is due your name, Oh God
Our vows and prayers you hear

When sin prevails, you atone
With your goodness and holiness, we shall be satisfied

By awesome deeds you answer with righteousness
You are the hope, you are the hope of the ends of the earth

The pastures of the wild overflow
Hills are girded with joy

You crown the earth with bounty
The morning and the evening shout your name

By awesome deeds you answer with righteousness
You are the hope, you are the hope of the ends of the earth

[Removing head from my shirt.] So, I'm not thrilled, but I like the challenge and idea of writing a melody and song in a week's time for these linkups, so you may see some more. Or...not. We'll see.

Head over to Stephanie Spencer's Everyday Awe  Psalms Journey series. Come read some thoughts, poems, and just maybe a low-key webcam video.


  1. I loved it, and so did my kids. They just danced to the 'worshiped' as they call it. Also, you look fab! No way you just had a third baby.

  2. Is there anything you can't do? Writing, doing roller derby, parenting, and now song writing and singing? And you are beautiful!

    Glad you took the leap and posted this. It's great.

    I love seeing how different people are inspired by the Psalms.

  3. *applauds*

    loves it. :)

  4. Ahhhh. Life breathing. You reminded me of what I've loved to do for years - turn the Psalms to songs. I think I'll be doing that again and sharing. Keep making songs, hymns, and spiritual songs. Tis beautiful to sing these words right back to the Sheperd!

  5. Lovefest...continues. Love the character of your voice, Kiki. It's beautiful! Brava.


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