Friday, July 19, 2013

Seriously, Baby.

Cooper is a fun mix of Sawyer and Lincoln. I think this is what happens with the third child: there are two previous ones to compare him/her to, and so you find some of each in that third child. For example, Cooper looks a lot like Sawyer did as a baby. But she sleeps really well, which is more like Lincoln. Though she loves to sleep with us in bed, which is totally Sawyer. (But is sleeping more in her crib all the time Lincoln.) She is also very content which reminds me of Lincoln.

One of her biggest Sawyer-isms is that she is kind of serious. She doesn't smile easily and often just...stares. Or avoids eye contact all together. Today she smiled at my mom and dad more than she has smiled in her whole life. Total. I snapped a few pictures--not great ones. But catching a baby smile is a fine art.

 This one is a little blurry and she looks a little drunk, but you can see her one-cheeked dimple!

Love this squishy baby girl! Serious or smiley. But it's a great feeling to get a smile out of this one.


  1. Seriously. I'm creating an acronym for you. TGMO. See if you can guess it. Kisses to Cooper!

  2. To get my ovaries?? lol. something my ovaries. I think :).

    1. Haha, you were so close here, too! :) Another TGMO moment? Seeing my guy walking hand-in-hand with his friend's 3yo baby girl. Whoa. Who am I?

  3. Holy Crap, what a beautiful baby!


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