About Me

It's always a little awkward to write this kind of page about yourself.  Even worse when you're writing a bio of yourself in the third person for something, so I will be grateful that I don't need to do that. Let's start small--I'm Kirsten (pronounced like Ear-sten) but you can call me Kiki.

This blog started when I was first pregnant in 2008. I was living in Texas with my close family and friends mostly in Virginia, so this was basically my platform to show off my baby bump and try to explain why I'd do something so crazy as try a home birth.  More than five years later, my blog is a whole different animal.

To understand my blog, you have to get a little about me.  I'm eclectic. I'm busy. I really love life, and a lot of parts of it.  This means on any given week, I might be talking parenting. I might be talking writing. I might be talking Jesus. I might be baking or DIY-ing or sharing bargain secrets. I might be talking roller derby or birth choices or reacting to something I read on Twitter.

Blogs work best as niche blogs: you have one particular type of content and you stick to it. I never liked rules, so I won't be niche, unless that niche is me.  Apparently this makes me a Lifestyle Blog. My lifestyle is a little wild, so my blog will be too.

I like humor. I love Jesus. I have my MFA in Fiction and want to be a successful writer, though we can debate on what "successful" means. I like thinking outside the box. I love my kids and family, but feel a little out of place in the typical "Mom" hat so many women wear well. I set small kitchen fires on the daily.

Some of the writing on my posts is more intentional than others. You can identify this pretty quickly. I edit and pour into some posts, and then I might assault you with a post with 20 photos of my kids. Though the writing has definitely become more central and more important to me as my blog and followers have grown, sometimes I still throw something up here on the run.

It is, after all, a blog.  I will claim (if nothing else) to be real with you in this space.  I love it here. I hope you do too.  I'm on Twitter and Pinterest and Facebook and have Instagram and would love to connect with you there as well.  Shoot me an email if you want to chat: kirstenoliphant at gmail dot com

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