No Small Call

There Is No Small Call is now a book! Hopefully a published Bible study will follow, but for now, you can read it in book form. You can snag it on Amazon via Kindle. If you don't have a Kindle, no worries, there is a free Kindle reader available for your computer, iPad, or iPhone. Or if you'd like the PDF, purchase through Amazon, then email me the receipt confirming purchase, and I'll send you the PDF.

Have you ever wondered if you have a calling in life?

A general calling as a human being as opposed to...a house plant.  Or even specific calling that's tailored individually to YOU.

Maybe you've found your calling.  You know who you are in this world, your identity, your mission, your career.  Or perhaps you thought you had it all figured out and then you lost your job, your identity when you had kids,  your hope when you did NOT get married after college, or simply lost your way.

I began this study struggling in my own identity as a mom.  My life looks really different than what I thought it would look like.  Some of my big dreams never came to fruition and maybe never will.  Were those big dreams any bigger of a calling than raising two (soon to be three) children?  Is there such a thing as a SMALL call?

I don't think so.  I think that God has a calling for each of us--for all human beings, and for YOU.  What surprised me as I wrote this study was what that call really is--where it leads us, how, and to whom.

Join me in a strange, internet-based look at God's call starting Wednesday, October 3rd.  I say strange because I haven't really done this kind of thing before.  I'm not sure how exactly it will work or what to call it.  I'm not sure "Bible study" is the right term, though it will be looking at the Bible.  The time commitment is much less than something traditional (basically as long as it takes you to read a post, and as much time as you might give to respond), and the sense of community will be, well...different.

Here's what it will look like: 

Every Wednesday for 6-8 weeks, I will have a No Small Call post.  It will ask some questions, quote some Scripture, make some connections.  I hope that it might blow your mind just a little as it did mine--God's Word has a tendency to do that, doesn't it?  I have also created a Facebook group that is private and closed that I will moderate.  The post will also go up in this group on Wednesday, but with further questions for discussion.  I doubt that reading my weekly post will take more than 10 minutes.  There is no commitment, even if you join the No Small Call community.  It's a come as you are, give what you can kind of study.

Here's how you can be involved:

Be an Ignorer.  You may be one of those people Not Interested in Spiritual Things.  I definitely have some blog readers who fit in this group!  Perhaps my posts about faith bug you and you can do with my Wednesday posts what you normally do:  gloss over or skip entirely.  I'm still glad you're reading.

Be a Lurker.  I have tons of these as well on my blog, and there is nothing wrong with that!  This level of commitment means that you will read the weekly Wednesday post.  You won't let me know you read it (unless in a private email, because that's how Lurkers roll) and you won't comment.  You will simply...lurk.  I heart my blog Lurkers!

Be a Responder.  One level up from Lurking, you will read the Wednesday post and actually respond in the comments.  Whether to ask a question, respond positively or negatively or skeptically, you will do something a little more active.  But just a little.

Be an Investor.  Maybe you want something more--you want community and discussion.  I have created a Facebook group precisely for this reason.  Each week, I will post a link from There Is No Small Call here.  Except there will be more questions and the ability to discuss and interact with women (sorry, no dudes this time!) from all over the place--spiritually and geographically.  This is really the thing that looks the most like a big question mark to me. I'm not sure how exactly this community will work, but I don't want it to feel like work.  I hope that it's a genuine place where people can share, ask honest questions, and gain insight from other amazing women.  I know that I always learn something when I discuss the Bible with other women.  There is always something a fresh pair of eyes sees that I might otherwise miss.  THAT'S what this community is for:  encouragement, growth, sharing.  A little more depth.

Here's the part where you think about what you want to do: 

Want to Ignore, Lurk, Respond, or Invest?  Choose your level of involvement.  Feel free to change it at any time throughout the 6-8 weeks.  There are no strings attached, no papers to sign.  This is simply me throwing some things God has taught me out on the vast interwebz, and you deciding how you want to respond to it.  If you want to join the Facebook group and see what the community has to offer, click HERE.

Whether I hear from you or not, I hope you will be there Wednesdays for There Is No Small Call.



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